Broken, Beautifully!

Broken….Beautifully is a blog that will literally be all over the place yet Beautifully structured! From makeup convos to poetry to stories of my past & how God brought me through, to the everyday rises & falls of being a woman…. a saved woman, in today’s society! This is not a place of perfection but an open, honest, Beautiful mess. Perfectly flawed. Imperfectly perfect. Because isn’t that what we all are anyway? Sure, we can sometimes hide it very well but we are all just trying to overcome our past, live better in our present & set ourselves up for a greater future! So let’s embark on this journey together. Let’s discover being Broken….Beautifully!


4 thoughts on “Broken, Beautifully!

  1. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Being a woman is hard. The expectations placed on us is overwhelming and we simply can’t do it well without Jesus ….
    Having a relationship with him sets the foundation for any relationship that you could possibly have. I pray you continue to share your journey with us in hopes that it reaches women and give them continuous hope and restored faith. Amen kiesha gone girl 💜

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