Hidden deep inside me, a hurt I would never show. Kept it silent & in the background but deeper I’d let it grow. Trapped in this prison, and freedom seemed so far. Can anyone hear me? Can anyone see these scars?


Addictions, insecurities and self doubt; body shamed, never enough & always left on the outs. Brown skinned complexion but with a heart as black as tar. Please pay attention; somebody help with these scars.


Abused, confused, misused; seems like this life just can’t get right; try my best to do everything perfect just to prevent another fight. Feeling like I’m in the smallest room & the windows are covered in bars. No, please, I can’t take anymore. Just look at all these scars.


I just don’t know which way to go anymore; there’s nothing left for me to do. Lord, I’m giving you every wound I’ve carried and I’m praying that You see me through. I know You can fix what’s been broken; with one touch from You I can feel. An amazing God You are… I know my scars you can heal.


– Kiesh

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