She is Beautiful!

Early morning, she rises; thanks to God for a brand new day;

An endless amount of things to do, but she knows He’ll always make a way.

She’s so tired, her reality is starting to feel like a dream;

Traffic’s backed up, coffee on the go; already she’s wanting to scream.

Finally to work, “GLORY!”; she jumps right into her tasks;

“Good mornings!” and fake smiles from people who live in their masks.

Another prayer to God; “Lord keep my mind stayed on you!”

“Help me to treat everyone with kindness despite what they say or do!”

Phone is ringing, emails are coming; so many patient’s left to see;

Family drama; texts from her momma; and now she’s hungry.

Quick bite to eat; regain sanity; open her Word to get back on the goal;

“And after you have suffered a little while…”; “Oooo, Lord I felt that in my soul.”

Back to work; okay, she’s ready; got her pace gracefully flowing;

Jammin’ to her gospel; “Push through Jesus!”; now let’s really get this going.

Work pile getting smaller; “Thank you Lord! I finally can breathe now!”

Error on the computer screen broadcasting that “ALL SYSTEMS ARE DOWN!”

“Lord please give me strength, this day is getting on my last nerves!”

She grabs her phone, pulls up her app and starts reading all the words!

“Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.”

Flip to Psalm 145 and 8; it starts by saying “The Lord is gracious….!”

Okay, let’s try again; seems like the system is moving along;

This time she’s keep the Word in her heart and the verse of her favorite song.

“You don’t know what He’s done for me! He gave me the Victory!” she sings

She finished all her work and knows it was only because of her King!

Time to head home and prepare to do it all again tomorrow;

No complaining; no doubting; where He’s leading, she will follow.

Sometimes she gets frustrated because every part of life seems so crucial;

But she never forgets to rely on God & that’s why She is Beautiful!


– Kiesh


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