How? How can I possibly believe what I can’t see? How can I grasp my mind around the concept that the things I cannot see are greater than what I can? Unknown. How can I trust in the Unknown?




Why? Why would you tell me to hope in what my senses cannot meet? Why would you take me through these valleys so low that to see a way out is a foreign concept to my mind? Why take away everything I know and stick me in a place where the sound of the Unknown is so loud, I cannot bear it? Unknown. How can I trust the Unknown?




I made you. I formed every part of you. I knew you before you knew yourself; before the world even knew you existed, I knew you; My arms were your first cradle.




Am I not God? There is nothing Unknown to me; nothing hidden; nothing secretive. I see it before it comes to pass. I formed the heavens and earth; the mountains & the sea with a command of My word! For no matter the kings & rulers of this world, I am still God! For there is nothing Unknown to me.




How could you believe I would take you to the Unknown? Don’t you understand that when it looks Unknown to you, I am asking you to trust in who I am because it is all Known to me. There’s nowhere you can go that I cannot find you. There’s no valley too low that I cannot reach out & grab you. I love you. I am protecting you when you don’t know you need protecting. I am your God. Your Father. Your Friend. For all that you are & will be; everywhere you go…. even when you feel alone… I am there & My presence will always be made Known. 


If you don’t believe unless you see it, your faith cannot grow, My child; and these tests you will face in life…. your faith is gonna get you through. Even in what you feel is the Unknown. It’s working for your good.


Never be afraid… just Know Me. 


There is no Unknown when you belong to Me.

– Kiesh

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