Not An Option!

They probably look at me wondering why I’m not giving up;

Why I keep on pushing; how I’m built so tough.

There’s so much for me to do so there’s no way I’m stopping;

I’ve made up my mind, stepping out of this race is not an option.


You can hate on my every move; you can laugh all in my face;

You can plan my downfall; you can try to slow my pace;

You & your friends, my name all up in ya’ll gossiping;

That ain’t gonna work either; slowing down is not an option.


I know who I am now; that’s not defined in people’s version;

Speaking lies, rumors and assumptions; their opinion I’ll stay swervin’.

I got me a solid circle; I don’t care who’s flip, flopping;

God showed me who I can be so winning is the only option!


– Kiesh





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