She Was

She was the one who came from nothing,

The one who had a story to be told.

She was the one who had so much love to give but no one stuck around to watch it unfold.

She was the one with hopes & dreams;

desperately desiring to be on the big screen.

She was the one that everyone called ugly;

So much pain in her that remained unseen.

She was the one with the tough facade; she built it hard so no one could get through.

She was the one with anger and tears in her voice; she thought being mean first was the best thing to do.

She was the one who just wanted to be loved; she didn’t know how to make things right.

She was the one who laughed all day with people but herself to sleep she’d cry at night.

She was the one that got tired of crying & allowing others to write her story.

She was the one who allowed God to fix what had been broken & for that He gets all the glory!

My message to whoever is reading, your life right now may not seem too fruitful; but once I heard them say, “while the past can’t be rewritten, it can still be made beautiful!”

⁃ Kiesh💕

11 thoughts on “She Was

  1. Oh Kiesha – what a story of deliverance told with complete honesty! It will reach many and help many….. as much as I hated working at Med3000 there were a few gems to come out of it and you were one of them… love you much my Sister! You will be a force for the Kingdom of God… have you ever listened to the song Reckless Love? Your story brought it to life…. love you very, very much…. 💋❤️💋

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  2. A very powerful testimony that is and will touch many lives. You are so brave yet a blessing at the same time. The encouraging words goes along way. That you for being a great help! Love you sister and may God continue to give you more than what was removed!

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