Silent Cry

Large sweatshirt on, hoodie to try to cover my face.

Feeling all alone; a nothing just taking up space.

I just want to stay in my room; that’s when I feel okay.

Not afraid to think a thought or have something to say.

Go to school, the days are long; can’t wait until the bell rings.

Dreaming of another world where we’re treated as queens & kings.

Wishing I could disappear; I don’t want anyone to see.

They say mean things and then everyone laughs at me.

No one wants to play with me; no one seems to care.

Laughing at the way I dress; the texture of my hair.

I’m bigger than the other girls; I’m taller than some of the boys.

That’s why I don’t deserve to smile or experience the same kind of joy.

Soak my pillow in my tears; I don’t even want to make it through.

Only my parents love me but that’s because they’re supposed to.

This pain isn’t worth it, only thing left is to say “goodbye!”

I didn’t know how to make anyone hear my loud, silent cry.

– Kiesh

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