Solid NO Shake!

I know You, You know me. What else can I say? You saw pass all my flaws & loved me in a new kinda way. You’ve always had my back even when it got hard to take. That’s why I stay smiling because I know we solid, no shake!

You’ve never asked for too much; and You’ve never put me under stress! You simply asked me for myself… just to give you real a “Yes!” You wiped my tears when I was crying & soothed my heart when it would ache. That’s why can’t nobody make me doubt You; I know we solid, no shake!

You’re so loyal, so constant, so loving & so kind; Your grace & mercy is unmatched; Your peace always eases my mind. You’re  the realest on my team; ain’t nothing about You fake; God, I love you so much just for being solid, no shake!

– Kiesh💕

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