Every Wrong Made Right!

Tears of sadness and heartache spread down through the years; thoughts of suicide to relieve the pain and forget all my fears!

Feelings of loneliness grabbing tighter once the day turns night; something strong in the background saying “every wrong will be made right!”

Days get longer, nights get darker, it’s the same ‘ol routine; need someone to see my pain & hear my inner screams!

Yet the more I lose, the more I seem to fight; here’s that feeling telling me again “every wrong will be made right!”

“This is crazy! Why am I here?” I scream out in hurt! “Why was I born? I can’t do this! Just bury me in the dirt!”

“Don’t give up; it’ll get better!” But I can’t see it from their sight! It’s a nudge this time, “every wrong will be made right!”

Losing this, losing that! Lord, how can this be? This is getting so hard! But I can’t let anyone stop me!

“I see you, Kiesha! I’m here! I know those days gave you a fright! But know through your testimony others wrongs will be made right!”


– Kiesh

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