Her Life!

She was afraid to look in the mirror, afraid of what she’d see.

All the things she hated about herself, eyes of insecurity.

She couldn’t see anything right, everything she saw was wrong.

It was hard to feel the meaning in life’s lyrics or grasp the beat of the song.

She hid behind a wall of emotions; a fake smile she would give.

To get out of bed became a task; it even became hard to live.

She was afraid that people would notice; afraid they’d laugh in her face.

So she’d make the jokes before them; the emptiness she felt she didn’t show a trace.

She ate to hide her sadness; she drank to dry her tears.

Becoming someone she never knew; a person she soon would fear.

She filled her life with chaos; everyday was a new door to strife.

Unhappiness grew throughout her being and she finally hated her life.

– Kiesh 💕

3 thoughts on “Her Life!

  1. Kiesh I know you didn’t steal my old diary, but wow — reading this – I felt like you had definitely read it. So glad that is far behind. This is a beautiful, real and true poem. Thank you for posting. You’re giving me courage to be real too. Every story has value and connects us. *big hugs* and gratitude for you. ♥.

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