“What my Insecurity looked like” from Adair Ellis!

I can remember all the way back in school being made fun of. I was talked about because of the color of my skin, because I wore glasses and whatever else people could say, they would. As I grew older I began to believe these things people would say about me. I felt ugly and did not know my worth. People all through school and even my friends never knew my life beyond school hours and the things I was struggling with. Not knowing my father, my mom out doing drugs leaving me home to play mommy and not understanding life at all at such a young age, on top of trying to act like the rude comments didn’t affect me. I didn’t know who I was! I started dating. I would talk to whoever would talk to me. Sleeping with guys, thinking I could keep someone with the power of you know. Even in relationships men always cheated on me! I felt so unattractive inside and out. Intimidated by women who I felt looked better than me. I became a mean individual. I really struggled with my identity. I found my comfort in being alone and making money which was working jobs to make myself look better! That never worked either, I still felt ugly and was being promiscuous. Now that I have found God, I am slowly but surely learning who I am. But I am learning that God made me in his image and I am learning to love the skin I’m in!

The proof is in her smile!!!!💕😍

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