“As a child, I exuded a tremendous amount of love and sympathy for people; desiring for everyone to display forgiveness, compassion, and appreciation for one another. My dream of what life should be, quickly detoured, and became my reality. The scrutiny, silent judgment, and the slandering of my name crushed my heart. Everywhere I turned, I became weighed down by others scornful words. Being mentally and emotionally abused reshaped how I viewed love and what the world consists of.

While I was torn to shreds by the vicious words of the world (even by members in my family) I was left with so many questions: Why me? Am I good enough? Maybe, life would be easier if I ended it all? These questions suffocated me to the point I was gasping for air—wishing and praying that I would be released! 365 days out of each year I lived with a monster that belittled, tormented, and judged my character. Imagine everywhere you turned, there was only pain. Being bullied became my norm; I hated it but expected it at the same time. I thought I would never see a day where peace would be a part of my everyday life, BUT HERE I AM! Set free and mentally and emotionally released from worrying about the opinion of others! God’s love is what held me up and took me through! So, I say to the one that is facing bullying, SURVIVE!”

#nomorebullying #brokenbeautifully #wearebrokenbeautifully

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