His Intention!

Lord! Are you there? Surely you see what’s happening to me…. Oh I’m so tired of crying, I’m tired of feeling bound, I am just wanting to be free.


Lord! Can you hear me? I just can’t take it anymore. This arguing and fighting… He leaves the house yelling, comes back “sorry” & I just open up the door.


Lord! Why is this happening? I feel my heart beating outside my chest. I’m afraid to leave, I’m tired of staying. Is this love at its best?


Lord! Did you see that? He left me standing in a room of tears. After every up and down we faced; all the love & hate of 5 long years.


Lord! Can you feel that? This is a deep, strenuous kind of hurt. I don’t want to be seen, I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to hear someone telling me to see my worth.


Lord! Are you doing this? Seems like I’m feeling a little more strong. I’m reading my Bible & praying much more than before, feels like You’re pushing me right along.


Lord! You watching me? I know You can see I’m feeling better. I’m not crying anymore; I’m more comfortable with myself; feels like You’re putting me back together.


Lord! I just wanna thank You! I don’t know why I worried at all! You knew what to do from the very start; You knew there was Glory in the fall. You knew I wouldn’t understand & have so many questions that I’d forget to mention. Mostly You knew You’d make me better than before & that was always Your intention.


– Kiesh

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