I mean my Yes!

Life has never been perfect or easy for me. Seemed like I lost before I even began to try to win. Still I always felt a nudge… a voice… pushing me to never give in. 

When nothing ever made sense & I realized it was time to give You my best; something down on the inside helped me proclaim “I mean my Yes!”


Day after day, attack’s come to force me to leave You behind; Your word or songs come to remind me You’re a friend of mine.

So I grab ahold of Your promises because You’ve told me you’d deliver nothing less; that’s why it gets easier to stay focused and proclaim “I mean my Yes!”


Do I think ol boy is salty? Don’t I know he’s fighting mad? I’m sure he’s plotting right now but that’s just gonna be too bad! Because no matter the storms that come; no matter how many times I cry; no matter who comes into my life or who mockingly says “goodbye!”; no matter if my purpose is questioned or looked at as a joke; no matter if I’m supported or not because we all know about folk; no matter how hard it seems to get; or how many obstacles he puts in my test…. I mean I’ll stand and scream with everything in me:



– Kiesh 

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