Men’s Week Presents: Craig Wilson’s “Inferiority to Glory!”

Some years ago I use  to have a inferiority complex and was ashamed of the ability or lack of ability I had as it relates to playing  music. The thought of others being better than me constantly plagued me & rehearsed in my mind.

Being around other musicians made me uncomfortable due to what I thought  concerning my ability to play as it measured up to fellow musicians playing.

One day God spoke to me and  said, you just be you!!! & then I received encouragement through His word from Philippians 4:13 that states “I Can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me…”
Many times we hear  & see things and want to emulate that which we hear and see but at that moment in my life God allowed me to see the uniqueness He created me in and a mind to embrace it. I’ve been grateful for such and thank God for turning on the light during such a time in my life!

One thought on “Men’s Week Presents: Craig Wilson’s “Inferiority to Glory!”

  1. Yes, God gives us each different gifts. He helps us use those gifts where and when He wants us to! So great you were able to accept yours and move forward! Comparison is odious! Lovely post!


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