Men’s Week Presents: Lineal Gaulding’s “Man Down! Wait… Nevermind…. There’s GOD!”

Before I even begin I just want to tell God, thank You for Your goodness and grace. My name is Lineal D. Gaulding and I would like to share my 2018 testimony of how I was Broken, Beautifully. 2018 has been a year different than any year that I’ve ever had in my thirty-five years of life. Although in many respects I’ve taken some big loses, I’ve gained much more. I’ve come to realize that God through turmoil and strife is doing it to bring you to brighter and higher positions. Even when it seems you’ve taken several seats (haha) and steps back. He has a plan and if you stay in His will, you won’t believe the things that He’ll do. But, with that you have to stay humble and treat people right. My past six months will definitely tell you why I say this and why the last two points I make are critical for saints and future saints (wink).

I started this year on the highest of highs. I had finally broken through and gotten on with a law enforcment agency and starting in January after five years of the all mighty word, “NO!” I had finally gotten in, was going to academy for training and was going to get paid. I wasn’t going to have to live paycheck to paycheck. I was going to graduate from the amazing Wilberforce University with my bachelors degree all in the same year. Well so I thought atleast. I can in retrospect almost picture the devil say “oh he thinks he happy and that his God showed up and out for him huh, hold my beer.” I go to get sworn in, in front of family, friends, city council, major and half the public safety department. Go thru some in house training for two weeks and was off to Columbus for twenty-two weeks (Yeah I said 22 weeks) of training with my favorite people I call the, “Round Hats.” This is a little foreshadowing, but l’m never running for leisure in the winter outside ever again. On just day two, during morning PT (at 0530 to 0700) running back from the state fair there was a patch of black ice, that I didn’t see while turning a corner. Yep, I slipped on that. I don’t go down (I wish I had now) I started to fall & I through myself forward and in the process I sprung 80 to 85 percent of the ligaments in my left knee. With the severity of the sprang and OSP not being a progressive academy (meaning you can’t make up the hours you miss) I had the decision of lose the job now or limp through to June and lose the job then. I was forced to come home then. I remember thinking as I was turning in my badge, weapon and vest of the disappointment and how my career could be over just sixteen days into it. Not to mention, I found out I wasn’t graduating from college either; turns out that I was 40 credit hours short, I only had finacial aide to cover maybe 25 of it. Crazy right? I had a conversation with God the night prior and I said, “I know this is the right career for me, but if I’m not suppose to be here right now let me know.” Ten hours later I was in Medbay. FYI, be careful and ready for when God speaks and replies.

Fast forwarding a lot over the months, God has made ways that I didn’t know where possible and remarkable. Starting with the way that my injury occurred and the two months of swelling. The doctors, my family and even I are surprised I’m not like Derek Rose and didn’t completely tear any cartlige, MCL, ACL or ligaments. Praise God for MRI’s. That financial aid issue, I ended up getting a scholarship to cover it. And my old job called and asked me to come back out of the blue. Yeah I struggled with no money, not knowing how I was going to pay the bills; but I kept on singing, praying and trusting. I have a better bond with God, and I feel more at peace. Depression started but He brought me out. I can’t take credit and I’m just a shiny example of what God will do.

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