Men’s Week Presents: David Dewberry Sr.’s “Destiny Revealed Through Brokenness!”

Preface…as I write creatively I do not proof. I allow it to be flaws and all.

I AM broken….beautifully too…

Most men equate these two words as weak…or even inmasculine. However…as for me…I thank God to be broken beautifully. For it was of Him…in Him…by Him and for Him…that my broken has been arranged in such a beautiful manner.

I embrace the man that I am…the man that God is using to craft this post. I owe ALL that I am to God…who is a restorer…a healer and a waymaker. One thing is for certain and two is for sure…God’s promises is yes and amen…and He will see His good work through to completion. So my broken and beautiful is this…

March 29, 2008…the day that altered my life forever. This would be the day my wife took her last breath. The aftermath…left with two children…confused…scared…shook to my core…what do I do. Over the next several months I begin to develop into an iceberg…keeping everything in and not allowing anything to release. Over the next year I begin to do whatever it is I wanted. I began to live recklessly. In the midst of my recklessness God begins a purge in my life. My job relocates…I lose custody of  my daughter…I lose my home…my car breaks down…and I gain 130 pounds…but God. Let me tell you about my broken. Sometimes God need you to get to the very point of brokenness…He will shake the hell out of you…to get the hell out of you (catch that).

July 12, 2009…I connected with destiny and began a love-story with my lifetime. This was the day that God firmly rooted destiny in my life. Destiny did not judge me…destiny talked to me. Destiny walked with me. Destiny did not give up on me. On this day I learned destiny has a name…and her name is Jennifer…my wonderfully created wife. God began to repair my brokenness through her. He gave me not only what I wanted…but what I absolutely needed…because the crazy thing is this…she was walking a similar journey as me…only a year later. God used two weathered ships…to create a beautifully broken vessel. God told me…David…I am your sufficiency as long as you trust me and as I put my trust in God, He began to transform the what was to the what will be…

…oooh and about that 130 pounds (it was more like 200)…His promises are yes and amen and He will see His good work through to completion. Father thank you for beautifully breaking me too…So my testimony to you…is to NEVER give up. Romans 8:28…all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

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