Come Home!

So far away, I can’t see a way back. Seems like this time I’ve really gotten lost. Doing things I never thought I would. Paying prices that were once too high a cost.


Mind never settled, constantly running crazy; no peace even when the world is completely still. Crying more tears than I’ve ever imagined; living a reality I can’t believe is real.


Unhappy in every situation I was put in; sometimes angry for no reason at all. Thought this life would take me way up but everyday results in a bigger fall.


Can’t win for losing it seems; and I’m always having to fake a smile. Feeling completely worthless and disgusting; starting to think my life isn’t even worth while.


Contemplating ending all of this; I’m tired! Surely death has to be better. “Wait!” a voice cries out; go back to church & get yourself together.


How can I step foot in that place? There’s just no way… I’ve lived too bad a life. How could I ever be included in the forgiveness brought by Your perfect sacrifice?


“You’ve been worthy from the beginning; even the times when you walked away. I’ve been working hard on your case, pleading for you night & day. I’ve watched over, protected & tried to show you that you are not alone. I need you to listen to Me, my child; it’s time for you to come home!”

– Kiesh💕💕

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