You & me, me & You!

This love affair is private, no one else can understand.

Some try to get the scoop but they never really can.

The way we move together, it’s perfect, just us two.

I wanna get closer & deeper; I just love me & You!


People question if I’m faithful; they know You would never cheat.

If I sit they want me standing, if I’m up they want me on my seat.

But You get everything about me; all of me You can see.

This relationship is my highest high; I can’t get enough of You & me.


Everyone questions my motives but You lookin at my heart.

They’re watching my past but You’ve been there from the start.

Left or right; which direction? what am I supposed to do?

Focus on us & remember it’s just me & You!


Block out the noise & listen to My Word!

Let negative talk fly over your head like a bird!

Don’t get upset with people; just let everything be;

Live the life I’ve given you & know all that matters is You & me!


– Kiesh 💕💕

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