What are we doing Church?

I was NOT planning to write anything but after my prayer time this morning, I felt led to write and talk to The Christian Community!

I have this app on my phone called GLORIFY! I have had it for about a week or so and I really love it! It gives you a chance to read a passage of scripture and a devotional that goes along with that scripture and then there is a 5 minute meditation on what you just read! There is also an option to have prayer – there are two saved prayers, one that goes over The Lord’s Prayer and then one that prays for our leaders; there’s also an option to add your own prayer focus! When I decided to add mine, “Our Children” is what came to mind! Now, currently, I do not have kids, but what I mean is the children of this entire world! As I prayed, I could see children crying – being beat, abused – physically, emotionally, sexually, mentally; being screamed at and treated wrongly because of their parents being unhappy with their lives and taking it out on them! Then I begin to think of human trafficking – how people actually have a mind to drug women, boys & girls and sell them for others to use and abuse until they can’t be used anymore or die in the process. I begin to think about how many lives are lost each day from senseless murders, starvation, drug over doses, alcohol poisoning or withdrawal! I begin to think how many people are lost by hearing false teachers and preachers and then one question came to mind: “What are we doing CHURCH?!” My eyes teared up because I know there is so much work that needs to be done and so much we, as the body of Christ, aren’t doing and that has to change!

One thing my husband and I center our work on is it’s not MY purpose but HIS purpose! His purpose is the PEOPLE! He died for us because HE loved us and if we have His love abiding inside of us – are we showing it as much as we should? It should not be shown to just the people we see every day! It should not just be shown to those who make us feel comfortable! It should be shown to that homeless guy on the street who may not smell the best. It should be shown to that child that you see with holes in their shoes and a too little coat on. It should be shown to that elderly man or woman who can’t get around good anymore and needs help being cleaned up. Gods people should have a concern for Gods people! READ THAT AGAIN! No matter if they are saved or not – they still belong to God and as long as we are breathing, our life should be lived in serving Gods people! There is a difference between purpose and ministry! Purpose is the reason why. Ministry is the work that assists the purpose. ASSISTS! That means HELPS – not take over! Yes, we all have different forms of ministry but we should NEVER get so caught up in our ministry that we forget the purpose of why God gave it to us! He gives us ministry because we all have different ways of reaching different people but the mission should still be the same: souls being saved; sick being healed; hopeless finding hope; the hungry being fed; the lost being found; the abused being loved back wholly!

The awesome part also is this: we don’t have to worry about being poured back into – God will make a way! We take care of others and God will ALWAYS make a way to take care of us!! (But don’t do it just to get something back! Always do it from the heart or don’t do it all!) Church let’s come together and do better! Let’s come together for HIS purpose! We shouldn’t be looking for our name to be known – if it happens, all Glory STILL belongs to God – but if it doesn’t, we should still have that same drive and love to do His work regardless! It’s about Him and His people! Go love somebody random today – and then the next day and then the next day! I challenge myself! Make the challenge for yourself as well! And if you don’t feel the need to then ask yourself, what are you doing?!

With Broken Beautifulness,


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