Not An Option!

They probably look at me wondering why I’m not giving up;

Why I keep on pushing; how I’m built so tough.

There’s so much for me to do so there’s no way I’m stopping;

I’ve made up my mind, stepping out of this race is not an option.


You can hate on my every move; you can laugh all in my face;

You can plan my downfall; you can try to slow my pace;

You & your friends, my name all up in ya’ll gossiping;

That ain’t gonna work either; slowing down is not an option.


I know who I am now; that’s not defined in people’s version;

Speaking lies, rumors and assumptions; their opinion I’ll stay swervin’.

I got me a solid circle; I don’t care who’s flip, flopping;

God showed me who I can be so winning is the only option!


– Kiesh





Let’s Connect!!!!!

✨BROKEN BEAUTIES SPEAK!!!!!!!!✨ So many times we are ashamed to hide from our past. The things that we’ve gone through, the pain we have endured, the losses we’ve suffered. Yet, there is POWER in sharing your story – not just for others but yourself & as a safe, judgement free zone, I want you to feel comfortable in speaking your truth! So if you would like to share it with us – doesn’t have to be long if you don’t want it to be and you can be anonymous if you’d like – your identity will NOT be revealed to anyone!!!! You can speak how you overcame your battles no matter what they are or if you’re trying to figure it out! We wanna hear from, support and encourage YOU!!! Please email me @! This movement is to help other women as well as continue to help ourselves! Let’s join together, speak out & take our power back!!!!! 💕💕💕

She is Beautiful!

Early morning, she rises; thanks to God for a brand new day;

An endless amount of things to do, but she knows He’ll always make a way.

She’s so tired, her reality is starting to feel like a dream;

Traffic’s backed up, coffee on the go; already she’s wanting to scream.

Finally to work, “GLORY!”; she jumps right into her tasks;

“Good mornings!” and fake smiles from people who live in their masks.

Another prayer to God; “Lord keep my mind stayed on you!”

“Help me to treat everyone with kindness despite what they say or do!”

Phone is ringing, emails are coming; so many patient’s left to see;

Family drama; texts from her momma; and now she’s hungry.

Quick bite to eat; regain sanity; open her Word to get back on the goal;

“And after you have suffered a little while…”; “Oooo, Lord I felt that in my soul.”

Back to work; okay, she’s ready; got her pace gracefully flowing;

Jammin’ to her gospel; “Push through Jesus!”; now let’s really get this going.

Work pile getting smaller; “Thank you Lord! I finally can breathe now!”

Error on the computer screen broadcasting that “ALL SYSTEMS ARE DOWN!”

“Lord please give me strength, this day is getting on my last nerves!”

She grabs her phone, pulls up her app and starts reading all the words!

“Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.”

Flip to Psalm 145 and 8; it starts by saying “The Lord is gracious….!”

Okay, let’s try again; seems like the system is moving along;

This time she’s keep the Word in her heart and the verse of her favorite song.

“You don’t know what He’s done for me! He gave me the Victory!” she sings

She finished all her work and knows it was only because of her King!

Time to head home and prepare to do it all again tomorrow;

No complaining; no doubting; where He’s leading, she will follow.

Sometimes she gets frustrated because every part of life seems so crucial;

But she never forgets to rely on God & that’s why She is Beautiful!


– Kiesh



How? How can I possibly believe what I can’t see? How can I grasp my mind around the concept that the things I cannot see are greater than what I can? Unknown. How can I trust in the Unknown?




Why? Why would you tell me to hope in what my senses cannot meet? Why would you take me through these valleys so low that to see a way out is a foreign concept to my mind? Why take away everything I know and stick me in a place where the sound of the Unknown is so loud, I cannot bear it? Unknown. How can I trust the Unknown?




I made you. I formed every part of you. I knew you before you knew yourself; before the world even knew you existed, I knew you; My arms were your first cradle.




Am I not God? There is nothing Unknown to me; nothing hidden; nothing secretive. I see it before it comes to pass. I formed the heavens and earth; the mountains & the sea with a command of My word! For no matter the kings & rulers of this world, I am still God! For there is nothing Unknown to me.




How could you believe I would take you to the Unknown? Don’t you understand that when it looks Unknown to you, I am asking you to trust in who I am because it is all Known to me. There’s nowhere you can go that I cannot find you. There’s no valley too low that I cannot reach out & grab you. I love you. I am protecting you when you don’t know you need protecting. I am your God. Your Father. Your Friend. For all that you are & will be; everywhere you go…. even when you feel alone… I am there & My presence will always be made Known. 


If you don’t believe unless you see it, your faith cannot grow, My child; and these tests you will face in life…. your faith is gonna get you through. Even in what you feel is the Unknown. It’s working for your good.


Never be afraid… just Know Me. 


There is no Unknown when you belong to Me.

– Kiesh


Hidden deep inside me, a hurt I would never show. Kept it silent & in the background but deeper I’d let it grow. Trapped in this prison, and freedom seemed so far. Can anyone hear me? Can anyone see these scars?


Addictions, insecurities and self doubt; body shamed, never enough & always left on the outs. Brown skinned complexion but with a heart as black as tar. Please pay attention; somebody help with these scars.


Abused, confused, misused; seems like this life just can’t get right; try my best to do everything perfect just to prevent another fight. Feeling like I’m in the smallest room & the windows are covered in bars. No, please, I can’t take anymore. Just look at all these scars.


I just don’t know which way to go anymore; there’s nothing left for me to do. Lord, I’m giving you every wound I’ve carried and I’m praying that You see me through. I know You can fix what’s been broken; with one touch from You I can feel. An amazing God You are… I know my scars you can heal.


– Kiesh

She Dreams…

You see her wandering eyes staring into space;

You see a glow in the smile plastered on her face.

You hear her speak goodness & life into everyone’s ears;

You hear laughter in her voice when before you only heard tears.

You see a pep in her step, a glide that’s unmatched;

You see a fancy that’s been tickled, an itch that has been scratched.

You hear softness in her answers, before her answers were loud as screams;

You hear her hope has been restored, now she’s again able to dream…

– Kiesh💕

Broken, Beautifully!

Broken….Beautifully is a blog that will literally be all over the place yet Beautifully structured! From makeup convos to poetry to stories of my past & how God brought me through, to the everyday rises & falls of being a woman…. a saved woman, in today’s society! This is not a place of perfection but an open, honest, Beautiful mess. Perfectly flawed. Imperfectly perfect. Because isn’t that what we all are anyway? Sure, we can sometimes hide it very well but we are all just trying to overcome our past, live better in our present & set ourselves up for a greater future! So let’s embark on this journey together. Let’s discover being Broken….Beautifully!