Broken, Beautifully!

Broken, Beautifully!

God gave me this vision, right down to the name; He is tired of His daughters being hurt & ashamed.

He wants to remind us of the beauty that’s inside; that He can see every tear although we try to hide.

So He chose to use a girl that was tired of living; someone not getting anything despite how much she was giving.

He wants to bring hope where hope is dried up; and give the fight back to the ones who have given up.

He wants you to see how He can change your past & bring freedom to those hiding behind a mask.

He wants to restore the light the world has taken away; to bring life back into every word that we say.

You see, He’s right there, despite how we may feel; we don’t have to accept the fake; He can give us something real.

He’s ready for us to view ourselves just as He; to know we are deeply loved despite being Broken, Beautifully!

– Kiesh 💕

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